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February / febrero

November / Noviembre

Autumn Harvest Ham Supper

Friday, November 15th


Presented by The St. Rose Women’s Guild     


Wall Repair / Reparacion Muro de Contención


October / Octubre

Women's Guild


Wednesday, October 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the lower church

Sponsored by St. Rose Women’s Guild and open to all Parishioners and Guests.

The art of stained glass extends back over a  thousand years in European cathedrals. Amy Prescher explored how this art form was expressed by immigrant parishes in the architecture of Meriden churches. Ms. Prescher is an adjunct professor of art history in the Connecticut State Universities and holds advanced degrees from the University of Bamberg, Germany and Yale University.

Thanks to all those who were able to attend, we had a beautiful evening!!!






Dinner Club Winners:


12th Week: Connie Cyr

11th Week: Sandra Lopez

10th Week: Gilbert Lopez

9th Week: Victor Torres

8th Week: Bob Hickey

7th Week: Genaro Carrero

6th Week: Britt Hall

5th Week: Fr. Richardson

4th Week: Barbara Cornell

3rd Week: Joe Ancona

2nd Week: Rick Babineau

1st Week: Kathy Carino

September / Septiembre

Facilites Status Report                        

Informe del Estado de las Instalaciones


Meriden news:

Meriden church honors El Paso shooting victims with crosses


August / Agosto:

Patronal Feast Celebration St. Rose of Lima

Thank you!!!

To all the people who planned, participated, and worked so hard to make the celebration of our patronal feast of St. Rose of Lima such a wonderful event. From our missionary disciples who visited many homes, to those who participated in the novena, who prepared the church, and the Sunday picnic.  May God bless you all. 

Thank you again.

Patronal Feast Pictures 2019


Fiesta Patronal St. Rosa de Lima


Nos gustaría agradecer a todas las personas que planearon, participaron y trabajaron duro para hacer de la celebración de nuestra fiesta patronal de Santa Rosa de Lima un evento tan maravilloso. Desde nuestros discípulos que visitaron muchos hogares, hasta los que participaron en la novena, quienes arreglaron la imagen de Santa Rosa de  Lima, el templo y el gran picnic. Que Dios les bendiga.  

Gracias de nuevo.

Fotos Fiesta Patronal 2019


What is a Novena / Qué es una Novena

St Rose of Lima Novena 2019

Patronal Feast 2019  

     Summer Camp "The Jungle" 2019

Life is wild - God is Good

We thank immensely to the volunteers and  all those people who contributed with donations and materials during the Summer Bible Camp "The Jungle". The success of this camp was thanks to you.

Dianette Kardoch, Evelyn Crespo and  Kieu-my Nguyen

Bible Camp Photos


Campamento Bíblico de Verano “La Jungla” 2019

La vida es salvaje - Dios es Bueno

Agradecemos inmensamente a los voluntarios y a todas aquellas personas que contribuyeron con donativos y materiales durante el Campamento Biblico de Verano “La Jungla”.  El éxito de este campamento fue gracias a ustedes.

Dianette Kardoch, Evelyn Crespo y Kieu-my Nguyen

Fotos Campamento Biblico

July / Julio: